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  1. This board is for all discussion relating to clans. Clan fight topics belong in the Clan Fights section and Recruiting topics belong in the Recruiting forum. Here are the few basic rules you must follow. Breaking them can result in punishment ranging from a warning to a ban, depending on the severity. 1. No Inappropriate Material or Language Pornographic or other inappropriate material is not allowed. Pictures with inappropriate language are also not tolerated. Racism is not tolerated in ANY way, shape, or form. Spamming is not tolerated AT ALL. This includes (but is not limited to): posting "+1", and any other form of posting for the sake of increasing post count. Try to also limit quoting large replies (with images), if the staff thinks the post is too big and/or useless, it will be removed. *Note: If a thread needs to be moved or closed, do not post about it. Report the post and a Moderator will handle it in a timely manner. 2. Flaming NO flaming is allowed. Flame and you will be suspended. This includes flame-baiting. Flame-baiting is creating a post to entice or spark a reply from another clan that will result in a flamefest. 3. No pics, no proof Baseless accusations are pointless. Please provide pictures or some other form of proof to back up what you are saying. This also goes for topics regarding a war or mini-war, without picture or video proof either originally or edited in within 5 minutes of posting will be locked. 4. Only Post Replies that Relate to Clan Discussion Simple as that. If it does not relate to the discussion of something related to clans, then do not post it here. 5. Do not publicly argue with the Staff Team about Clan Discussion This is one of the most important rules. Do NOT argue with the Staff about decisions. We have the experience and know how to handle things. If you have any complaints about us, PM it to us. Don't create a new topic. The same goes if you disagree with our actions. Just PM us. Remember, we have the right to remove ANY topic. This is not to say Staff are invincible, but that it needs to be kept to PM. Reposting deleted topics or posts falls under this rule. 6. No Anti-Clan Signatures. This goes along with Rule 2. This is the same thing as flaming, it's not allowed. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, your signature will be wiped completely, and you will be banned from using these forums. This includes no pictures, links, or negative references to any clans. 7. No Posting any Pictures of Private Clan Information Pictures of private information may only be posted if used in conjunction with disproving a statement. All other pictures of private information will be deleted! This rule includes (but is not limited to): Messengers, Private Forums, Audio Recordings and Private Irc channels. Any pictures that break any other Clan Discussion rules will be deleted with possible suspension. Example: Clan A defeats Clan B in a major fight. Clan B then claims the trip was spontaneous, and that Clan A had the benefit of preparation. Clan A would then be allowed to post picture proof disproving Clan B's statement. Regards, Administration
  2. Ruby

    Marketplace Guideline

    Hello there! This thread is just to notify everyone who are selling their items. Once the transaction is completed or the person which is selling an certain item is no longer interested in doing so, your topic will be moved to the Archive. We would rather having an Market with active sales, not expired ones. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to send me a PM. Note: All threads that are older than 14 days will be moved to the Handled folder. If you wish to still sell your item please create a new thread. Regards, Administration
  3. Please use the following format when reporting another player or staff: Who are you reporting: What rule have they broken: Evidence (Picture or Video): Please include the name of the person you are reporting in the title. This makes it easier for the higher ups to manage the reports/punishments. Failing to use the appropriate format will result your thread being closed and the report not being viewed by the higher ups.