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Nardah Referral Event

Welcome to the first amongst many events of Nardah! In order to participate in this event, you will have to invite as many people to our discord as you possibly can. Those that invite the most players will be rewarded with either Oldschool Runescape Gold or Nardah Ranks & Items. Everyone that invites a minimum of five people will also be getting the Participator reward as a bonus. We highly recommend that you try to invite as many people as you can if you plan on staying with us for a long time, as it will most certainly benefit both you, and the server. 

The event will be active until launch. With that being said and done, here are the rewards.

1. 25M OSRS Gold / 100$ on Nardah + x5 Gold Mystery Boxes
2. 15M OSRS Gold /  75$ on Nardah + x5 Silver Mystery Boxes
3. 5M OSRS Gold /  50$ on Nardah + x5 Bronze Mystery Boxes
Participator Reward: x5 Bronze Mystery Boxes & 2mil gold on Nardah

NOTATION: You must have set your invites to be non-expiring if you wish your invites to count. If you do not, the invitations you have accumulated will be reset after 24/48 hours by the discord application. This is not in our control, so make sure you do as we said.


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