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A Proper Suggestion

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When scouting other websites in order to see how players create their suggestions, we have noticed that a majority of the time it is being handled very poorly. The most common method of making a suggestion is to simply add what you would want to see. As an example, a common member would write the following: "Please add Agility Potion. Much need, would love. Ty".

This is a very poor method of suggestion content to the game. That is why we, the staff team, have come up with some tips for those of you who seek to improve the game with great suggestions.


Short Version

  • Explain yourself: Explain why you believe that your suggestion should be added. Is it important? Will it impact the economy? Do you think many players or modes will enjoy this suggestion? Elaborate!
  • Create a poll: Make a poll so that the team can see what the community thinks of your idea. It will help us determine if we should, or shouldn't add it to the game.
  • Grammar & Format: Write your suggestion up in a nice format and grammar so that we can recognize your suggestion without issues.


Longer Version

  • Explain yourself

Most of the time, players simply state what they want to see in the game. What they do not understand, is that we have to think about short and long term consequences, and also of what it will bring to the community. Even though an addition such as the ability to create, or retrieve an agility potion as drop might not be hard to add - It will most likely not impact the game in any way.

But if you spend time into elaborating your idea, and explaining why you believe that the suggestion you have is worth adding to the game, it might just be enough to change the view of the team. It's always better to write too much, than not enough.

  • Create a poll

When a poll is made for a suggestion, we are capable of seeing what the community thinks of your idea. This does not mean that we will automatically add something if many people want it, and it does not mean that we will automatically decline any idea that gets negative votes. But it does assist us, for the moments when it might be hard to decide if the suggestion should be accepted or declined.

Always create a poll when you create a suggestion! There is nothing bad that can come out of it, and only aids the team.

  • Grammar & Format

Make sure you have good grammar and format when you create a suggestion. If you just add everything like a massive pile of text without any spaces, dots or commas, then it will be very difficult for us to read and comprehend your ideas. When you structure your suggestion up in a nice and tidy way, and have a decent grammar and vocabulary that you can use to explain your concepts - It will be much easier for us to read and understand. That will, in term aid us when we decide on if your ideas are fitting of the game.


Best Regards,

Nardah Staff Team.

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