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( NA | EU ) The Elites

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⚔️The Elites⚔️

Looking for a team to grind with? Need some people to boss with without worrying about loot splits? Want a group of entertaining individuals to keep you invested in those skilling grinds? Then join us at "The Elites". We strive to become the top clan with the best benefits. There are many important benefits of being an Elite for all forms of players. PvP, PvM, or Skiller, we are the place you need to be. 


Clan tasks will be set depending on who is on. If we are primarily skiller for the time, we will get skiller tasks. If we are primarily PvM for the time, we will get PvM tasks. If we are primarily PvP for the time, we will get PvP tasks. All players who are available are expected to grind the task once it has been assigned. We listen to our members, so the frequency of the tasks will be up to you. 


Our skillers are the butter to our bread in the clan. We heavily rely on the skillers for supplies. This in turn produces a large and reliable market for our skillers to profit from. With the heavy PvM and PvP that goes on inside of the clan, our members are always desperate for supplies. Alongside being part of the top clan and showing your true colors, "The Elites" gives you the opportunity to make mils with a huge opportunity and market. 


PvM is great... until your "friend" gets a 50m loot and decides to keep it instead of splitting. With "The Elites" you will not have to worry about that. Our ranking system is based off of loot splits. The more loot you split with the clan members, the higher your rank will be. For example:


Player 1 : Gets a vissy drop with the help of Player 2

Player 1 : Sells vissy for 30m

Player 1 : Splits 15m with Player 2

Player 1 : Now has 15m towards their split count


With our ranking system being like this, you can look at the player ranks to see who you are about to walk into the boss lair with. The higher the rank, the more money they have split with their fellow PvMers. This, in turn, will produce a solidified and trusted community among the clan. 


Anyone who loves PvP NEEDS to be in a clan. PvP is much more fun with people behind you supporting and backing you until the end. Imagine being the RoT of the server. Full wilderness power. People see your name a quiver. That is what "The Elites" can give you. A PvP captain will be appointed, whom will be responsible for setting up PvP runs, clan wars, and free pking. The organization and sheer numbers will be your success to wilderness dominance. Join the top PvP clan now!


  1. There will be absolutely no toxicity. Toxic behavior in the clan or community will result in an instant banishment from the clan. We have a reputation to keep, and no one will put our name down. Even if it is a clan member. 
  2. Failing to split loot with a clan member whom helped kill the boss will result in an instant banishment from the clan. That is considered scamming due to our clan working on a team based level. If the team specified prior to the start that it would be a solo boss session (every man for himself) then no action will be taken.
  3. When buying supplies, you must consult with any skillers online at the time. If they have the supplies available for sale, you MUST buy your supplies from OUR skillers. We want to provide a solid market for our skillers and buy their outputs as much as possible. Failure to follow this rule will result in ONE blackmark. 
  4. Skillers must consult OUR PvM and PvP players before selling supplies. Any supplies that a clan member would like to buy holds priority over a player outside of the clan. We provide a solid market with reliable income for our skillers, so our PvM and PvP player must be their first priority. Failure to follow this rule will result in ONE blackmark.
  5. Any player or staff member may earn TWO blackmarks. Once the member receives their THIRD blackmark, they will be instantly banished from the clan. If you are unable to fix your mistakes after the first two times, then you will need to look for a new clan. 


To join the clan, enter into the clan chat "Unlawful". Anyone is welcome to join, but please remember our rules. We will dismiss anyone whom fails to follow our prior set of guidelines. 

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Reserved For Member Management List


Owner - Unlawful


PvP Captain - OPEN

PvM Captain - OPEN

Skiller Captain - OPEN


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